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These free Study Guides are designed to help with you in mind, considering what practical answers you need to deal with the real challenges in your life today. We want these study guides to be relevant, engaging and life-changing—making your life better now, and giving you a real, solid hope for your future.

1. God's Simple Plan of Salvation Study Guide - 21 Days.
2. Steps for a New Christian Study Guide - 21 Days.
3. Steps to Spiritual Maturity Study Guide - 21 Days.
4. Gospel of John Study Guide - 21 Days.
5. Encouraging Spiritual Devotionals - Daily.
6. Christ Centered Newsletter - Monthly.

7. Coming Soon - Sharing the Gospel and much more.

God's Simple Plan of Salvation Study Guide1. God's Simple Plan Of Salvation Study Guide - 21 Days

Is There Really A God?

We are all searching for God. We want to know the purpose of our life and what leads to true fulfillment. We desire to love and be loved. You may be wondering what life is all about, and if there is something more.

God's Simple Plan of Salvation is designed for those searching for life's questions, new to the Bible or are a New Christian.

God's Plan For You ... Are you searching for Answers? This study guide is for those that are curious or are searching. Want to know the purpose of your life and what leads to true fulfillment.
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Steps for a New Christian Study Guide2. Steps For A New Christian Study Guide - 21 Days

For those Learning about the christian faith.

God Made Us For A Reason. Because God made us He has a purpose for each and every one of us and that purpose is to know and to worship Him. There is a God shaped hole in our soul that can only be filled by having a relationship with the God who created us.

Every one of us feels that need and that draw, and it's a longing that can't be filled by money, material possessions, success or anything else on this earth even religion cannot fill this void. This Study guide is specifically designed for New Believers, it covers the basic of the Christian Faith and living a life honoring to God.
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Steps to Spiritual Maturity Study Guide3. Steps to Spiritual Maturity Study Guide - 21 Days

Answering the Question: How can I grow in my spiritual life?

What does it take to grow up and become spiritually mature? Why do some Christians not grow as they should? God's word presents steps we can take toward growth and spiritual maturity by this study guide.

Spiritual life has often been compared to walking upstream. If you are not progressing forward, then you are going backwards. The waves of the world are too powerful; the ungodly TV shows, the ungodly music, the depraved culture of this world are always seeking to push a believer backwards. Therefore, we must always seek to progress in our spiritual lives; otherwise, we will be spiritually declining.

In this 21 day study guide on Spiritual Maturity we answer questions like: How can you be spiritually strong? What is the meaning of spiritual development? What is the meaning of spiritual growth? How can I grow in my spiritual life?
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Gospel of John Study Guide4. Gospel of John Study Guide - 21 Days

Knowing God Better - Reading & Studying the Gospel of John

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a 21 day study guide that goes along with you reading your Bible in the Gospel of John a chapter a day for 21 days.

If you're looking to take a first step in reading God's Word, our 21-day Challenge is for you. It's a simple way to begin making Bible reading part of your day. We believe that there is a message from God and about God and His will for your life in the gospel of John.  Probably the most important thing you can do is develop the habit of reading the Bible every day. It’s the primary way that God speaks to us, which means it’s vital to your relationship with Him as you follow along with this study guide on the Gospel of John.

You will be surprised the life altering changes that will happen in your life as you develop an important habit of reading God's Word every day.
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Daily Inspirtational Devotionals5. Encouraging Spiritual Devotionals - Daily

Refresh Yourself - Renew Your Spirit - Refocus Your Mind.

We all know how easy it is to get caught up in the demands of life. But if we don't spend time daily in God's Word and in Prayer, we grow weak and weary. Daily Devotions enhance each day with verses from the Bible, reflection on the scriptures and prayer. You will find the strength, peace and comfort you need to strengthen your walk with Christ.

A new devotional for each day sent by email for your encouragement and spending time in God's Word. This is a daily devotional that helps God's people refresh, refocus and renew their faith through Bible reading, reflection, and prayer.
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Christ Cented Christian Newsletter6. Christ Centered Newsletter - Monthly

Encouraging! Inspirational! Uplifting!

Each month we sends out a monthly newsletter encouraging those searching, curious, and new believers. All our articles are designed to uplift those that are struggling with life and their faith in God. Starting out the Christian life is crucial but it is equally important to finish well. This is why it is important to never give up, keep trusting God.

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7. Coming Soon - Sharing the Gospel with Others - Personal Evangelism Training.

8. Coming Soon - Personal Bible Study - Connecting you nearer to God.

9. Coming Soon - Questions & Answers - Exploring Spiritual Questions.

10. Coming Soon - Life's Most Important Questions - Interconnecting with today's Issues.

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I don't think many people have a “bright light” experience with God that knocks them off their feet. I think the process for most of us is an ever growing restlessness that eventually takes you to a decision. At some point you realize that you must either say yes or no to Jesus; he will not let you off the hook without giving him an answer.

If you are feeling this restless tug on your own soul, you’ve come to a good place. These study guides provides some honest, thoughtful writings on the search for God.

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Finding God - What does it take to know God? You can personally begin a relationship with God, right now.
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